Born and raised in Thailand, majored in Political Science in undergraduate degree, fascinated by power of photography which caused a life impact to shape my way toward this art form. You may sometimes find the reflections of my political view in light, shadow, space and void or even color and pattern in my works.


Fortunated enough as a photography enthusiast to have moved, lived, studied and pursued my impression and addiction for photography in this bustling city - New York – I always keen to go out, explore, find and turn those subtle never ending messages New York is whispering through the landscape of skyscrapers’ line to architecture, streets to sidewalks and its human diversity, into photographs that are a combination of one’s difference point of view and its own unique story.



cpiyapat@gmail.com      Tel: 646-461-0692 (US)

                                                 : 095-290-5773 (TH)

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