The moment we are alone among 8,550,405

                         Every time we think about this city, we see a mega city crowded with a tremendous amount of people. Those who were born and raised here and  have been urbanized since the very beginning of their lives. Those who came from different places either inside or outside the United States. These are ones who look for hope and opportunities. The ones who seek better lives. Though not permanent, tourists who would like to see New York with their bare eyes, help add up the number of pedestrians.


                              This Big Apple has been a symbol of hope, opportunities, prosperity and happiness. It has an image of the city that never sleeps. Millions of lights from those billboards pleasure our eyes along with strangers on the side walk. Buildings have been placed neatly, repeatedly into a rectangle shape divided from each other by the streets and avenues. This city has its charm. It provides everything to everyone who gives it a try. On the contrary, in some period of the time we are in the city, we may feel the emptiness and solitude. The feeling of being a tiny dot surrounded by big grey blocks. The feeling of a life among 8,550,405 lives.